Nationwide Cleaners offer domestic cleaning and ironing services in the UK.

Are you interested in a cleaning job in Crawley?

We can offer part-time hours to suit your circumstances. Whether you need work in school hours or extra hours around your job.

The cleaning jobs are in private houses and the client will pay you cash in hand after you've done the cleaning. The client provides all the cleaning materials, so you don't have to bring anything. Therefore you don't need a car.

The rate of pay starts from £8 per hour cash in hand.

The cleaning job is in the mornings or afternoons in the weekdays or sometimes weekends if you can work then. We do not have evening work available.

Nationwide Cleaners

Submit your Application

To apply for a cleaning job in Crawley call Kate on 0800 112 3199 (Please leave a message with your phone number if there is an answerphone) or email:

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