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  • 17.2 Within one week of the Initial Period the Franchisee may serve notice on the Franchisor that it intends to terminate the agreement if it has not provided the Services to two hundred (200) different customers since the date of this agreement. Such notice must contain evidence of this failure to the satisfaction of the Franchisor including but not limited to:
    • 17.2.1 the Franchisee’s paying in book and bank statements, detailing all payments made by the Franchisee into all of his bank accounts associated with the Business for the Initial Period;
    • 17.2.2 documentation that the Franchisee has procured the delivery of at least 20,000 leaflets promoting the Business, in accordance with clause 10, for each month of the Initial Period including but not limited to:
      • invoices from printers for the printing of at least 480,000 such leaflets during the Initial Period;
      • invoices signed by leaflet delivery contractors used by the Franchisee to include their names and addresses and any other relevant contact details and confirming the delivery locations of all the leaflets set out in clause;

whereupon, subject to the Franchisee entering into the Franchisor’s deed of termination of this agreement to the satisfaction of the Franchisor whereby the Franchisee releases the Franchisor from any and all claims it may have against the Franchisor, the Franchisor will accept the Franchisee’s notice to terminate this agreement in accordance with this clause 17.2 and will return the Franchisee Fee to the Franchisee on such termination date as shall be agreed by the parties. For the avoidance of doubt the obligations of both parties under this agreement shall remain until the termination date agreed under this clause 17.2.