• Nationwide Cleaners offer domestic cleaning and ironing services in the UK.
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Cambridgeshire Cleaners: Simply call Kam on 0800 799 9478 or send us an email: [email protected]

  • Insurance
  • Vetting
  • Replacement cleaners if needed
  • Travel included
  • Any reasonable task
  • The same cleaner every session
  • At least 2 hours per session
  • Weekly or every 2 weeks

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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) Cambridgeshire Cleaners:

Can I have both cleaning and ironing?
Of course. The ironing will be undertaken in your house at the same time as the cleaning.
Damage to your property by the cleaner, personal injury to the cleaner, key and lock replacement and theft (which are very rare.)
Our Cambridgeshire cleaners are vetted for eligibility to work in the U.K., supplying us with evidence such as a passport, including a work visa if they are non-E.U., proof of identification such as a driving licence or passport and proof of address such as a recent bill or bank statement. Copies of their documents are held by us, so that the cleaners can be traced and they are aware of this.
That is the total price. There is nothing extra.
Yes. That's fine.
The cleaner should be able to start within a few days.
We need your name, address, phone number and if you are flexible which day of the week the cleaning is on. A cleaner will then phone you to meet you. If you are happy with your cleaner after discussing your requirements with the cleaner, you can organise a start date directly with the cleaner. The day and time of the clean will be agreed to suit you. It would normally be on the same day each clean due to the cleaner's rota with other clients.
No. If you let us know, we will send you a refund.
Sorry. 2 hours is the minimum due to the cleaner's travelling time.
Yes. If we have any notice, we will send you another cleaner. If there's no notice and we cannot assign a replacement in time, we will send you a refund or the cleaner can make up the hours.
It is 1 cleaner.
Yes. Although most cleaners only work from Monday to Friday, some cleaners are prepared to work at weekends.
Not normally. The cleaners have other clients and need to have a timetable. A few cleaners may be able to do this to accommodate your changing shift rotas at work.
Yes. All our cleaners have been vetted, are insured and can hold keys. There is a key receipt form in the information pack which we will send you and you can ask the cleaner to sign it.
Yes. The cleaner can do any reasonable domestic task, such as cleaning, ironing, making beds and general assistance. You specify the cleaning work directly with your cleaner. We cannot provide specialist nursing care. The cleaners should also not move heavy furniture or work at height, such as on ladders, due to the risk of injury.
If it is just a minor problem, it is best if you speak to the cleaner directly, as the cleaners can take it as criticism if it comes from us via you. If you are not happy with the cleaner and would like to change, you can let us know and we will (politely) stop the cleaner coming and assign a new cleaner to you.
Normally, the cleaner will use your cleaning materials and equipment, as many do not have cars and they cannot carry much.
You only need to pay the cleaner for the hours the cleaner works, not the cleaner's travelling time.
Fine. Most cleaning firms will not give you a price over the phone. They will send a salesperson who will try and sign you up on the spot. We can give you a fixed price per hour over the phone or by email and if you would like to proceed, then send the actual cleaner who would do the job to meet you. If you are happy with the cleaner, you can organise a start date directly with the cleaner.
If you know anyone seeking cleaning work, they are welcome to contact us as we often have vacancies.


I have used Nationwide Cleaners for over a year and have had the same cleaner. Adriana is extremely reliable and professional. She does an excellent job. Nationwide also easily arranged for a substitute cleaner, at my request, when Adriana was away on holiday for a week. Thank you Nationwide Cleaners for making my life easier!!!

Adrienn is extremely reliable and flexible, swapping days without any fuss on the odd occasion we need to rearrange. She has the place looking clean and tidy in just a couple of hours, without breaking a sweat - quite a feat in a townhouse when having to haul a Dyson up and down all those stairs! She is also happy to add additional tasks to her regular workload (oven-cleaning - yuk) when required. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any new clients.

Since I joined Nationwide cleaners Adriana has cleaned the House. At the beginning it needed a really good clean, resulting in her doing extra time on her first 2 visits, but now she has mastered it & keeps it spic & span. She is very reliable & professional in her job & I would recommend her to any new clients.

My cleaner has been very reliable and does a good job. The office staff are polite and helpful.

Please note that Freebies Limited trading as Nationwide Cleaners Cambridgeshire, company number 10629505, whose registered office is at 54 Paston Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 5AZ is a licensee of the Nationwide Cleaners franchise and is independently owned and operated. Nationwide Cleaners Ltd and/or Nationwide Cleaners (Franchising) Ltd are not responsible for the contents of any advertisement or any action or omission of the franchisee.

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