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Approved Franchise Association (AFA)

Approved Franchise Association (AFA)

British Franchise Association (BFA)

British Franchise Association (BFA)

Work from home, flexible hours, franchise business with a money back guarantee* and a massive 200,000 property territory for faster growth and maximum income. Winner Best Cleaning Franchise 2016 in the Business Excellence Awards, Winner Best Domestic Cleaning and Ironing Franchise 2018 and Winner Best Cleaning Company 2023 UK.

Alex attained over £120,000/year** in cleaning agency fees alone (not including the payments to the cleaners) with 450 regular clients.

Alex Markov approached the franchisor for Nationwide Cleaners and quickly decided he was someone he could work with productively.

Marc. Cheshire

Marc reached 150 clients after his first year.

Jason. Isle of Wight.

Adrian. Northamptonshire.

You can read this Daily Telegraph article about the strong demand for cleaning:

Advantages of this business model comprise:

Home-based. Little travelling and never in the rush hour.
Monthly, automatic payments from your clients.
There is no need to buy or store cleaning equipment or materials.
Cleaners are paid by clients, so there is no need to run payroll.
Achieve a work/life balance.
An excellent income is possible if you are motivated.

It is essentially very similar to other domestic cleaning franchises that are available for a much higher price, often around £12,000 including vat, and they very rarely offer a money back guarantee* like we do.

Unlike some competitors, we also have many excellent territories still available, so you have a good choice of the most profitable areas, rather than poor-performing areas that no one else wanted!

It utilises a long-standing, proven business system which has been in existence since the late 1980s, thus having endured for nearly 30 years.

As a management franchise, you never have to do any form of cleaning yourself (unless you actually choose to do some in the early days.)

It possesses low overheads. No premises, equipment or vehicles are necessary. You can start with your existing desktop computer or laptop, a phone, a printer, a scanner and the 10,000 leaflets included in the £7,999 franchise fee. It is a no frills franchise, in contrast to many others with elevated setup fees, premises and high ongoing costs.

95% of your income is automated, as clients pay you a month in advance by direct debit. When you send them a good cleaner, you rarely hear from them again, whilst still being paid every month! It is very important that you choose a franchise that offers you a reliable income every month from regular clients, as starting from zero every month and having to search for more one-off clients would be stressful!

What you would receive from us would be a functioning business system (which would take a very long time for you to develop by yourself) comprising the following elements:

* 2 detailed management manuals (encompassing many years of experience.)

* Full training including initial training by Zoom, phone or in person near London Gatwick Airport, ongoing help and support by phone and email, followed by additional training with 5 top franchisees who will all help you throughout your growth and expansion. Especially during your critical first year when you need to see success.

* Mailshots undertaken by us for you to enhance your quick startup.

* Marketing support, marketing letters, template documents (such as bank letters, cleaner application forms checked by the police and immigration officers, client information packs checked by a solicitor and cleaner advertisements proven to generate enquiries), software templates and client enquiries from our websites.

* Advice relating to vat, accountancy and tax law, legal issues such as employment law, business formation, employing an administrator later on so that you can work part-time whilst enjoying a full-time income and full training in how to operate a leaflet delivery firm which is very profitable and easy to do when you have been taught how to do it properly.

* Knowledge of how to minimise staff overheads and yet attract a surplus of cleaners.

* How to avoid driving cleaners from job to job or leasing vehicles for them.

* How it is not necessary to purchase or store staff uniforms, cleaning materials or equipment.

* How to achieve a high conversion rate of transforming enquiries into paying clients.

* How to acquire a steadily increasing income from a growing number of monthly direct debit payments to you.

* How to keep your costs down, so as to maximise your profit.

* 10,000 initial leaflets. A call centre, so as not to miss any client calls.

In short, it would save you around 5 years of trial and error by yourself, assuming you (or anyone else) can sustain the energy and financing to last that long and how you can swiftly make back your investment in an industry sector, namely cleaning, that has an excellent long-term expansion outlook.

If you wish to learn any skill properly, you need to learn directly from someone who has already done it.

I do not wish to be excessively blunt in the ideas above, but I am attempting to demonstrate that a business may look easy to operate from the outside, but there are hidden pitfalls that it is my job to guide you around to ensure your business's success. It is much easier if you have someone teaching and guiding you.

Franchising Tasks

Typical tasks you would undertake on a regular basis comprise the following:

Advertising for cleaners.
Interviewing cleaners.
Speaking on the telephone to new clients.
Resolving issues with existing clients and cleaners.
Liaising with leafleters and monitoring marketing.
Processing payments.

Managed Business Option: Hiring a part-time administrator means that the majority of your business can be run for you. A new franchisee who started 7 months ago is now up to 140 clients doing this! He works full-time in his usual job, but organises several leaflet delivery staff whilst a local person working from home deals with all the clients, allocating cleaners. It is easy to find someone competent with a customer services background who can perform this if you like.

Dermot Hallahan (Southeast) Franchise Review

"I decided to change my career direction, give up commuting and work from home by either starting a business on my own or obtaining a franchise.

My criteria for a franchise were: Must not require a heavy upfront financial investment, must be able to operate from home, must not require investment in plant or machinery or a special vehicle, would get all the support needed to succeed from the franchise owners and not just promises of millions.

It also had to have the potential to earn me an income to be able to sustain my lifestyle and provide me with an income for my retirement.

I spent quite some time looking and eventually decided that Nationwide Cleaners TM could meet all of the above.

They have not let me down and while it was hard work initially, I have now got a substantial client base, which is growing steadily and it is an added bonus that costs do not increase exponentially as the business grows.

I received invaluable advice and support from Nationwide Cleaners and the documentation and software is self explanatory.

I would heartily recommend this company for any potential franchisee."

Dermot Hallahan

Alex Markov (London) Franchise Review

"Nationwide Cleaners is probably the best franchise if you want to start a business in cleaning.

Peter Munro, the founder of Nationwide Cleaners, is very experienced and knows and understands all the difficulties that a franchisee can have. He is an honest man, being supportive and very knowledgeable at the same time.

When you start working, you will never regret it later because he will never let you down and he is always ready to help you with a piece of advice, an email, a phone call or even a visit.

He is always ready to listen and understand your point of view and constantly thinks about improving the system.

If you want to find somebody to guide and teach you how to start a business, to learn and organise every aspect of it, to get a sound, regular income even during a recession, you will not find a better franchise than Nationwide Cleaners."

Alex Markov

Marc Morris (Cheshire) Franchise Review

"My name is Marc Morris and I live in Warrington in Cheshire. I invested in a franchise license at the start of 2012 after a 20 year sales career spanning publishing, recruitment and business services.

With a busy family life, working long hours for someone else (often away from home) became less and less appealing to me. After investigating a number of different options, I discovered Nationwide Cleaners. After speaking with and meeting up with its founder, Peter Munro, I was immediately impressed. The business adopts a very successful and established model that enables franchisees to develop a business at their own pace and enjoy a rewarding work life balance.

15 months later I have not been disappointed. Not only have I been able to establish firm foundations and a growing business, I have always had Peter close at hand to offer advice or guidance whenever questions have arisen. Everyone who starts a new business venture will be apprehensive at the outset and I was no different.

I feel very positive about the future and prospects for growing my business and I remain very grateful to Peter for all his assistance."

Marc Morris

Victoria (East London) Franchise Review

Having tried working for myself which did not work out, I was very reluctant to start a business again. My husband persuaded me to meet Peter from Nationwide Cleaners and I liked the idea. I was researching other similar opportunities, but then realised NC has got the edge and is ahead of other cleaning franchises.

My area includes some of the postcodes with the highest unemployment in London, but with a money back guarantee I decided to give it a try.

We have a steady increase of regular clients and could afford an administrator after 5 months of opening. Peter has been very supportive and approachable.

Some information would take me years to learn by myself. The business has got a lot of potential and I am excited about the new opportunities it has been opening for me and my family.


Allen (Buckinghamshire) Franchise Review

When I left my city job I worked as a consultant, helping small companies to implement a growth strategy based on franchising. I spent 18 months in the franchising industry so had a decent understanding of what to consider when looking to invest in a franchise.

I wanted a recession proof, growth industry with repeat income and a company that had a good track record of at least 4 years profitable trading. I considered a few markets that appeared to fit the bill and determined that domestic cleaning was the market to be in. I then looked at all the different cleaning franchises available, I wanted something that could be run from home, did not require a huge initial outlay and could be quickly scaled.

Nationwide Cleaners franchise ticks all the boxes AND comes with a money back guarantee, something I have not seen offered by any other franchise. After speaking to Peter I was ready to invest. I also spoke to some of the other franchisees and it was very clear that the system was easy to understand and follow and the level of success was determined by the level of commitment each franchisee applied to their business.

I received one-on-one training with Peter and spent a day with Alex, the longest serving franchisee. Both are extremely helpful with plenty of good advice, as are the other franchisees I spoke to. I set out my goals for the first year of operating my Nationwide Cleaners franchise and am delighted that I achieved my target after just 9 months of operating. My only regret is that I did not find Nationwide Cleaners 3 years ago.


If there is anything I have not explained fully or that you would like more information on, do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

To find out more, there are several different options:

1. We can meet near Gatwick Airport to the south of London where I can show you how the business operates and clarify any questions which will take about 2 hours and give you the details of franchisees you can speak to.
2. Instead of physically coming to Gatwick, the meeting can be undertaken by phone, Skype, Zoom etc.
3. You can meet Marc, an experienced franchisee, in Warrington in Cheshire.

Do not forget that we guarantee* your business's high performance with your £7,999 refunded to you if you are not successful if you follow our system. If you do not possess all the £7,999, we can finance some of it.

If, after contacting me, you would like to phone Alex Markov, shown above, who has 400 cleaning clients and a profitable leaflet delivery firm to find out about his experiences, I can give you his phone number. The franchisee makes £120,000 a year** just from his cleaning company and now works part-time with an office administrator doing many of the day to day tasks. The £120,000 a year** is just his fees, not for salaries for the cleaners! If you would like to phone him, you can do. (His own business is not for sale, as a potential franchisee asked if he could buy it!)

Peter Munro

Peter Munro

Thank you.
Peter 07986 600 316 (If I cannot answer, please leave a message and I will call you back.)

* Money back guarantee. This is based on the franchisee undertaking the delivery of 20,000 leaflets per calendar month over 24 months in order to have sufficient time to be properly established and if the franchisee has not provided the cleaning service to 200 clients by the end of those 24 months then the franchisee is entitled to claim his or her initial investment back and to close the business. New territories only. Click here for full details.

** The figures set forth in this illustration represent ACTUAL performance by a franchisee. There is no guarantee that you will achieve these figures and nor is it intended that you should rely on them as a warranty or guarantee.

Nationwide Cleaners (Franchising) Ltd. Company registered in England 06697664 Registered office: Unit 7, Southgate Road, Crawley RH10 6BL