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Cleaning Franchise 2016
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The Telegraph
We undertake charitable
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the R.S.P.C.A.

Nationwide Cleaners offer domestic cleaning and ironing services in the UK.


An ironing service is provided in which the ironer will undertake the work at your house or flat. There is a minimum of 2 hours due to her travelling time. Most clients have the ironing service every week or every 2 weeks.

Days and times can be mutually agreed with the ironing lady. Many clients combine both cleaning and ironing in the same session, but it is possible to purely have ironing. She would ring you to see you to discuss the ironing and then if you are both ready to commence, a start date would be organised.

Vetting and insurance are offered. A key is usually given for her to complete the tasks while you are elsewhere. Having acquired significant practice in ironing, the ironers perform their work professionally and the same lady would come each time.

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